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Jonesboro Lawn Care

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Lawn Maintenance encompasses a wide range of services following new installation thru to renovation of the lawn as needed. Usually basic maintenance includes routine mowing and trimming as well as a weed control and fertilization program. Aeration,dethatching, overseeding

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Lawn Care Services in Jonesboro in the form of basic mowing and trimming are possible at prices starting at $39 per service. Routine maintenance will produce an attractive and healthy lawn and there are many professional service providers available.

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Make sure to ask questions of ANY lawn service provider you are considering. Make sure they are qualified, and have the resources and reputation to insure you get the service you need and desire.

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Jonesboro Landscaping

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Landscape Maintenance consists of services following initial instillation including new planting, trimming, insect control, fertilization, and more.

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Landscape Maintenance & Installation are services completed by qualified landscapers. Find the provider who meets your landscape needs & wants.

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10 BEST Landscape Services in Jonesboro [YELP]

  With over 30 years involvement in lawn and landscape related service across multiple sectors: we get the need to have information and resources available that you can trust. Our goal is to find and provide answers to those needs  as well as integrate some of our own knowledge and expertise. We will cover a wide variety of lawn and landscape related topics to broaden your knowledge and enhance your ability to find lawn and landscape solutions for your Jonesboro Arkansas Lawncare and Landscape  needs.

50 TOP Lawn Care Blogs Posts

Naturalized Bed Reseeding 8/17/22 [LawnCare][Landscape Maintenance]

  They said on the radio the other day that we were wrapping up summer and about to enter into an early, early fall season. This brings up an issue that is increasingly more of a project for me this time of the year as I personally like to reintroduce the seeds from the annuals of the current year into my planting beds for next years growing. Really simple and not very time consuming but just something to keep on the list. Wait til the flowers from your favorite annuals have finished blooming, wilt, and dry to a seed head. Then harvest and most just break open allowing the seeds to be scattered in anticipated growth areas for the following year. Many times; I will just crack the seed pod and insert the entire thing into the mulch to be protected from the coming winter elements intact and seeds released by nature as allowed. I usually do this for about a 6 week period late summer as it allows a 6 week spread of growth the following year allowing for a season long spread of flowers. This year; I will jarvest and bag the seed pods for possible container planting the next year. Key is: make sure the seed pods are completely dry before sealing in a container.

Summer Watering 7/26/22 [LawnCare][Landscape Maintenance]

  Arkansas is presently in the middle of a month long hot and dry spell with 0 rain in most areas & 100+ degree actual temperatures. As lawn and landscape guys; we know this means days filled with sprinkler repair and watering of lawns or new installations....if we want the material to survive.

As homeowners; this equates to daily time allotted to make sure our lawns and landscapes get adequate water...whether manually or mechanically achieved. Several things to pay attention to from either position:


Saturate the earth appx 1 inch into the ground. To do this you can lay any type of shallow can, bowl, or dish on the ground in the area being watered. Premark a 1 inch line for referance, and water til achieved. Now this is rule of thumb for lawns and landscape areas withannual/perennial plantings. Areas with bushes or even trees will need to be watered significantly deeper as the root systems are deeper.


This may sound odd; but often times landscape beds have a thick layer of mulch or rock in the bed. An inch of water measured on top of that material does not equal an inch in the soil. Make sure to insure the actual soil is receiving a minimum of 1 inch of water.

The other consideration for both manual and mechanical watering is that there are often obstructions that either reroute the spray pattern or entirely block it. Watch when watering is taking place to make sure that the water not only gets where it is needed but ONLY where it is needed. Simple adjustments can correct in either case.


There is an optimal time of the day to water and basically it is during a cool part of the day when the foliage will have a chance to dry before dark. It does no good to water to keep plants alive so they can be stressed out from fungus growth from extended dampness.

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